Independent. That's it what we celebrate this day. Independence Day of Indonesia. But I really want to write a short description about independent of myself. I realize that the term independent is different from a person to another. Because of that, the term independent is really not independent, because the term itself depends on how [...]

Recursive Acronym

Just thinking that nowadays, people really like to make recursive acronym. Maybe it's just for fun. Well, I'm just lovin' it too 😀 😀 (This is really funny, you know!) This is the list of recursive acronym I got from Wikipedia Allegro Allegro Low LEvel Game ROutines CAVE Cave Automatic Virtual Environment Cygnus Cygnus, Your [...]


Aww... just tagged from Fanny The Quiz 1. Do the following 2. Choose 5 persons to do this Favourites Favourite Colour: blue Favourite Food: mie/noodle (mie rebus, mie bakso, mie instan, dsb) Favourite Song: Nothin gonna change my love Favourite Movie: A Walk to Remember Favourite Sport: table tennis Favourite Day of the Week: saturday [...]


Akhir-akhir ini punggung suka serasa ngilu. Sebenarnya bukan akhir-akhir ini juga. Sudah agak lama, sepertinya. Setelah sekian lama itu akhirnya mencoba mengecek ke dokter. Tadi ngecek ke dokter umum di BMG (Bumi Medika Ganesha), dokternya bilang ada kemungkinan masalahnya di tulang punggung. Untuk sementara dikasih obat penghilang rasa sakit. Kalau sakit berlanjut langsung ke rontgen. [...]

Study Plan

This is really good! An On Line Study Application. Makes our life more comfortable (okay, this is already done in many universities). I've taken 22 credits. Hoping so much that I could keep up with those lectures.

Kebodohan kah?

Diambil dari Situs Berita Rakyat Merdeka [link berita] Menurut dia, tiga alasan yang me­la­tar­­belakangi upaya pelaporan ini, per­ta­ma, beberapa waktu lalu Nadine ter­lihat di media tengah asyik ber­ceng­kra­ma dengan Miss Israel, Anas­tacia Entin saat acara lelang barang (RM 16/7). “Itu kan mencederai umat Is­lam In­donesia yang kini tengah me­nentang agresi militer Israel kepada Le­banon,” tan­das [...]


Just got a very nice and funny site. I really don't know what they're thinking. But whatever reasons they made it for; I hope it's for good ones, for their own sakes. Nevertheless, please for the readers and users, use it for good.

xAJAXed WebChess

When first I plan to make an AJAXed Webchess, I don't know deeply about AJAX. But this morning, one of my friends told me about a PHP class which can compile an expression into AJAXed code. That's XAJAX. This tool is very cool. We can make an AJAXed webpage with only a little Javascript code. [...]