Just got a very nice and funny site. http://evaluasi.or.id/ I really don't know what they're thinking. But whatever reasons they made it for; I hope it's for good ones, for their own sakes. Nevertheless, please for the readers and users, use it for good.

xAJAXed WebChess

When first I plan to make an AJAXed Webchess, I don't know deeply about AJAX. But this morning, one of my friends told me about a PHP class which can compile an expression into AJAXed code. That's XAJAX. This tool is very cool. We can make an AJAXed webpage with only a little Javascript code. [...]


Just heard that today Jakarta and Bandung have just got an earthquake (for further news read this). Gosh, in my entire life, I've never got a right time to feel an earthquake; maybe I was listening to music or doing an enjoyable sleep. But my father, one day, said that we could hardly feel an [...]

Planet Palem 8

Today I've just made Planet Palem 8, a blog headlines aggregator for whole bunch blogs of the members. This was my project for Palem 8 which was inspired from Jadul Community with its. It was made from NewsGator RSS Web Reader and I just made the stylesheet 😛 :P. Well, just enjoy it!