Mabuk Java….

imagesBukan mabuk kopi jawa, tapi akhir-akhir ini sering menghabiskan waktu di depan Java. Berawal dari tugas penerimaan asisten Sistem Terdistribusi yakni disuruh ngeeksplorasi tentang network application. Gw dan seorang teman, Hendro, mengajukan proposal ngebuat web game yakni Othello (atau Reversi). Tapi proposalnya gak disetujui karena semua tim kecuali tim gw ngebuat mobile application (hey, web juga network, ngkale 😛 ). Yah, akhirnya sama asisten senior, proposalnya diganti jadi mobile game Othello berbasis J2ME (untungnya….) dengan koneksi Bluetooth. Sementara empat kelompok lain disuruh buat mobile application berbasis Windows Mobile, Symbian OS, dan…….. (apa ya? lupa 😛 )
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Programmers That Will Diminish

There was an amazing statement stated by one of the speakers of Academic Day 2007, Norman Sasono, three years honoured Microsoft MVP in C#. I really don’t know from where he quoted it, but it was really amazing. He stated that there are two kinds of programmers that will diminish in the upcoming years :

  • Programmers that only know how to code.
    When someone ask to make a program, they will ask “What do you want me to code?” Soon, people won’t be needing to understand programming just to make a program because there will be a bunch of tools that will provide help for people to make programs without any programming knowledge.
  • Programmers that only know how to use algorithms
    This people says, “This known algorithm is the most suitable for this problem”
    In the upcoming years, all known algorithms for such popular problems will be listed in libraries and people can take them right from the shelf.

But, the programmers that will stay exist in this world are

  • Programmers that can come up with a brand new algorithm.
    Because great thinkers are always needed in this world.

What kind of programmers will you be?

Code Fest 2007: The 8th Asia Open Source Software Symposium

Codefest 2007 is one of the events from Asia Open Source Software Symposium‘s chain of events. Codefest itself means an event when programmers meet to do collaborative computer programming. The 8th AOSS Symposium is now take place in Indonesia. The symposium will be held from tomorrow in Nusa Dua, Bali but the codefest is now being held at ITB in 36 hours. Well, unfortunately I just heard about it at the last times before the event was held. It would have been a nice experience joining it. Anyway, from what I watched from the briefing room, the projects they’re working on is quite interesting and have hell of fun there. ^_^ The participants were came from 3 countries if I’m not mistaken. Malaysia, Japan, and of course Indonesia. From Indonesia (if I’m not mistaken again) there are from Yogyakarta and of course Bandung ^_^ All the (CMIIW) participants from Bandung are Informatics students; I was really hoping there were participants from other than Informatics.

Now, I’m dying to wait for the result from there. Hopefully the projects will be very useful for the world of open source software users.

Well, have fun hackers!! 😀
(I’m still uploading the pictures)