The First Lesson on Developer Team

This is my first lesson working on a developer team. After all of this time working on assignments alone, finally I caught up doing one with bunch of guys (no girls :P). Before continuing, let me introduce all of my friends. They are Vandy (13505001), Hadyan (13505005), Ghifar (13505023), Amir (13505041), Hanson (13505045), and me. We (and the whole class) were assigned by Mrs. Inge (Inggriani Liem, our lecturer) to work on project: MySpreadSheet. Okay, it is our lecture (IF2182: Algorithm and Data Structure) assignment, but we are going to pretend like if it’s really a project. I was very excited the time she announced it the way like a client who wanted to search for a developer group working on her project (Does she do it like that every year?).

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UKM Website

Few days ago, I finished a website for a cultural club: Unit Kesenian Minangkabau Institut Teknologi Bandung (Minangkabau Art and Culture Unit, Bandung Institute of Technology; UKM-ITB). This website was requested by a very-good-looking classmate of mine (Is it a habit or what, but I just can’t refuse a single request from a pretty girl. For a shining moon you want me to give, I’ll reach for it through the dark sky).


Aside from what my motivation to make it, it is a really good website. (Trust me, it’s not for attracting, showing off, or other manly things). I made it with Joomla. The design is quite simple but nice looking. Well done! :2thumbs: :2thumbs:

xAJAXed WebChess

When first I plan to make an AJAXed Webchess, I don’t know deeply about AJAX. But this morning, one of my friends told me about a PHP class which can compile an expression into AJAXed code. That’s XAJAX. This tool is very cool. We can make an AJAXed webpage with only a little Javascript code.
And then I was trying to make a Webchess using AJAX approach. Not quite done yet, but enough to give me a description how to continue the next step. Besides XAJAX class, it also made with Smarty class
If it’s done, I’m planning to integrate it to Petra’s Game Collection. Well, this is where the current version could be find.

Petra’s Game Collection

Petra’s Game Collection is my project to spend the whole two and a half months holiday. This game was inspired by OCC Linux Games Project, a web chess game that written for Linux users to play or host online chess games (but actually current version doesn’t support time challenge. Play Yahoo! Games instead). I write this game using PHP with MySQL database. I’m also using Smarty class for the template (a friend suggested that, but now I’m really loving it :mrgreen:!)

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