Although I don’t feel so refreshed at all from the holiday, but my computer does (hope so). This is the only plan I’ve done for the holiday; the others were learning for tests, exercising, attending physical therapy, etc. All the data were backed up, the harddisks were reformatted, and all the softwares were reinstalled.
I would like to thank for Microsoft Campus Agreement License so that all my software copies are legal 😛 (except games, of course. eniwei, penting ya?) and to all my friends who were very nice to lend their software copies (what the?) esp. David for the copies of Windows AutoPatchers. Those things made my Windows looks cool and run fast! Many thanks, y’all!
(posting gak penting, deh, ih)

My Poor Monitor

When we from the table tennis club are going to participate in units’ open house (OHU) at ITB, we planned to have a ping pong simulator. I offered my monitor for the simulator. That was a hell effort carrying my monitor from my room to the open house site at midnight. (FYI, my monitor is a flat 17″ CRT), not mentioning that I had just been tired from preparing the decoration.

As soon as I arrived at the site, I tried to set the simulator. But there was no electricity power at our stand. Because of that we went to other stand to try it again with their electricity. Okay, there was a success trial. And then I came back to our stand and sleep there until the morning.

The early of morning, I called one of the organizers to request the electricity at the club’s stand. Not long after it, they granted it. I quickly set up the simulator. At first, I thought I saw the cable extension’s indicator lamp was twinkling. I really didn’t have time to notice it because we had not much time before the opening. And then what happened? White smoke suddenly came out from my monitor. What a bad day….

But now, my monitor is working normally after I brought it to a monitor expert. It cost 200K IDR 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 .