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Hello, there! My name is Petra.

As you could read at the right hand side, I am a man who only knows how to code but dislikes doing it. But that’s not all about me.

I got my Master Degree in Informatics Engineering from ITB where I also got my Bachelor Degree in the same field. I like to hang out with my friends. That’s quite different from what people imagine about programmers, right? I also like movies. Besides study and those, I’m also involved in few research at campus.

My main interests are distributed systems, parallel programming, and IT education for high school students.

My biggest dream is to spread smile among people.

Anyway, you could know me well from my Twitter account, my Facebook page, and my LinkedIn profile. If you are into programming like me, you may want to check my technical blog. And if you are interested with my work in IT education for high school students, you could contact me at TOKI Learning Center.

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  1. pettttt…..

    pikiran gw sedang kacau begini lu malah suruh ngisi begini,,,


    nti d, diisiin..


  2. ya ampun, promonya gila2an ya,,,

    ngisi apa ya?
    jadi bingung,,
    ketemu ama bang petra aja belom pernah,,
    tapi bang petra baik lho,,
    berbaik hati mengajarkan banyak hal..

    *bang,,sebagai gantinya atas pujian ini..
    traktir sorabinya ya kalo astrid liburan ke bandung,,
    hehe šŸ™‚

  3. Peter,

    Good work…keep it up.
    A quick home work, where does these three pillars originating from? I mean go back to history..



  4. ternyata ada juga orang karo yang ngerti internet :-D, + peduli ma sejarah budayanya.
    bahagia betul saya ini…….

    Keep Fight, ya……
    keep writing juga

  5. ahaha…uhuyyy “I really like to see people smiling from what I do”… petraa cita2mu mulia sekali nak… truskanlah perjuanganmu sebagai game developer nak!!! wakakak…

    *btw pet,,kalo lo beliin gw mobil gw senyum2 dah sumringah sepanjang hariii

  6. hoy petraa… apa kabar lo??
    inget gw gak???
    hahahahaaa…. PALEM APA KABAR???
    KASIAN BGT DEH…. hahahahahaaa…..
    sekarang admin udah siapa aja nih???


  7. hmm….

    i dont see the a great smile from a cheerful person. Look.. that face so serious.. hey. cheer up pal..

  8. Hi, nice to know you..We have the same surename. Thanks for visiting my humble blog šŸ˜€ .

    Since we have the same surename, I’ve just add ur blog into my blogroll and I’m hoping you would do the same thing. šŸ˜€

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