Onward and Personal Lessons Learned

I am stepping down as Country Chief Technology Officer for 99.co Indonesia after wonderful ~1.5 years plus ~6.5 years in UrbanIndo before the acquisition. It is a tough decision because the team has been my second family. I am forever grateful that they understand that the first family is still the first priority.

When my father passed away, I realized that I haven’t been spending much time with my family in Jakarta since I moved to Bandung. As a child, we often forget that our parents are growing older and need our attention just like they gave to us growing up. And I like to spend more time while I still have the chance.

I already planned to relocate two years ago, but I decided to help with the acquisition process. When that was finalized, I was asked to help with the integration process. I decided to stay for one more year.

Today the company is stronger than it has ever been. We have ambitious plans, our metrics are growing, our new business initiatives show promising results. The Bandung team has excellent leadership and effective operation, even way better than when it was still UrbanIndo, thanks to people here putting faith in me. And there are opportunities in Indonesia for me to explore more fields outside Property Technology to contribute to society while I can be closer to my family. It has become clear to me that it is my time to part ways and make rooms to people to step up.

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