Twenty Nine

Today marks the final year in my twenties. I think most people would say that notable achievements will start coming in the third decade of one’s life. The previous decade is just filled by series of textbook learning, adventures, and whole bunch of trial-and-errors before starting to put some scratch little by little in the face of the world marking your legacy. While in the previous decade you mostly learn from people’s mistakes and successes, now you will start making your own mistakes for other people to learn.

I hope I have learned enough to prepare myself to a whole new decade. But I did learn a lot of new points in the past year. I think, just like me, you will realize that you have learned about a great deal in a year when all the problems you faced in the year became more complex and more delicate. Those problems, if compared with the problems you faced previously, will make them look so easy.

I learned about leading people and handling myself with them. I learned about relying and trusting other people just so then I learned to say farewell to those I have been relying and trusting. I learned to own my mistakes and learned to learn from them and learned to make more mistakes to learn to and so on. Just couple of years ago I started picking up books on self-improvement, leadership, habits, happiness, or people – with great skepticism in the beginning, but then I ended up hungry for more trying to catch up on what I have been missing all of these years.

Health is also becoming a more priority for me pay attention. In my youth, I never really care about health; never even bothered to invest little time for the benefit of the years to come. These couple of years I have paid more attention to my health. Not seldom old habits tried to reintroduce them selves. It’s the consequences of my old habits that are trying to keep up that I have been so worrying about. Some times I just hope I can pass through the third decade at all. Finger crossed.

There are another plenty of things that I am hoping for. I want to write a lot more of them, but it’s still three o’clock in the morning and I want to continue sleeping. But I shall just see what the world have in store for me. Looking forward to more challenges, more people, and more learning experience!

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