Drop Me A Birthday Wish Email, Will You? ;)

In less than a week I am going to begin my final year before turning thirty. As you may know, I have never been very big on birthdays. But, as always, just in case you think I was very helpful to you this last year and you want to express your gratitude by giving me birthday present, I am going to hold you right there. I am already happy if I can ever be helpful you. Our friendships are already precious to me more than any present you give.

There is something, though, that I want you to do for me if you can have the time. I am really hoping that you can send me a birthday wish email on the 13th to my email petra dot barus at gmail. Tell me three things in the email. First, tell me what you hope me to do or to be before I turn thirty. Secondly, tell me the one story that is the most heartwarming to you when thinking about me. And the last one, tell me what activity you want us to do together if we both have time and means to do it.

Well, if you insist on giving me present, you may find some clue in my Goodreads Wishlist or Amazon Wishlist. I am currently hooked up reading books about leadership, happiness, mindfulness, inspiration, and financial. I wish the next year I can learn how to be more helpful to a lot of people and be more happy and mindful. If you are having difficulties finding the book, you can always send the Kindle Gift to me via email. (PS: You can see which books that I already own/read/currently reading in my Goodreads profile). I promise I will read it 😉

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