Why do you or don’t you smile back at strangers? #JuliNgeblog Day 11

Today’s post is in English. Just some change in mood. And it is also inspired by another question from Ask.fm. Sometimes the questions are quite intriguing for me to answer. Just like this one

Why do you or don’t you smile back at strangers?

I do smile back or even smile first at strangers. I even love doing it. Of course except when I am in a very bad mood, I often forget to smile. My head is filling with tangled thoughts that makes my lips stay still. But when some stranger smile at me, I feel a warm touch in my heart. It is as if they are giving me support and trying to say, “You can do it!” I might just have a very bad day in my life and seeing their smiles makes me realize that it is not really that bad at all.

And I smile back to them as a gratitude for reminding me that wonderful thought.

The courtesy should also go both ways. I try as much as I can to smile first to stranger. It was really hard at first for a loner like me, but now it goes pretty natural. People might also be having a very bad day and me giving them a long face will not help with anything if it is not making them feel worse in the first place. So I smile so that they can cheer up and do the same to other people who might also have a bad day. Spread the joy!

Talking about this reminds me the song What A Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong and how it inspires me to smile 😉

The colors of the rainbow, so pretty in the sky
Also on the faces of people going by
I see friends shaking hands, saying how do you do
They’re only saying I love you

What a wonderful world, such a waste if we do not fill it with smile.

So, why do you or don’t you smile back at stranger?

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