This Morning’s Utterances

I’m going to start this post with one out of two questions that I had been contemplating right after I woke up at four o’clock. Why do I seem to not be able to sleep more than six consecutive hours? I always know that I have not been able to sleep past five AM no matter if I evens slept three hours before that. I just woke up from sleep that I started at ten PM. And I sat on the edge of my bed, watching the hands of clock sweeping the circle, realizing that I haven’t been able to sleep more than six hours.

Usually after the sleep period I always have trouble to continue sleeping. Out of boredom, I picked out my phone and opened that infamous Secret app. I admit although I’m not very good with people, it’s a sport to me to observe people’s behavior. And when can you see more honest behavior than when you give them a place of anonymity? It’s always surprising to see a lot of confession from inside my circle.

One thing I had noticed lately and it has always been a big question for me that becomes the second question in this post. I can never understand why the majority portion of male population seem to treat in condescension females who had relationships with a lot of male partners, especially those that involve sex, while for themselves it is something to be proud of? The most likely answer that makes sense is that most of males position themselves in this metaphor that each one of them is a leader of a pride of lions or a pack of wolves where they are the alpha. I guess no matter how modern we are, we just can not release ourselves from those primordial ways of thinking.

I’m going to post the question on Facebook and see how people answer.

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