One among few reasons why I am so reluctant moving out from my current place of eight years is this building in this picture taken from outside my room. There was this lady with whom I often walked back from campus together. One afternoon we walked passed this then nearly-finished apartment. I started out the conversation, “This will be a very nice apartment to live in, don’t you agree?” to which she smiled and replied, “When you buy the apartment one day, I will visit you.”

Since that day every morning when I woke up and saw this building and then walked by it to campus, I always thought thousand ways how I could afford it by myself. The feeling even got stronger after I mistakenly broke that friendship.

Years after, for quite some time now I have already been able to afford it. It is thankfully because of the sight of this building in the morning that always keeps my motivation running all this time. Despite of that, I have learnt a lot about real-estate and, and realistically speaking, affording this apartment is not a really good investment.

But a small part of me still remembers that promise and wonders whether it will ever come true. It is now my morning routine, stopping by it, seeking just a tiny faint sense of purpose.

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