Down And Up Again

I have lost the count on how many time this blog gets down and up again. The last time was the longest ever. It has been a very busy month. I got a huge pile of emails and apparently the hosting notification emails always got mixed. And it’s after a friend told me that this blog was down then I was aware of that.

The thing is, since a very long time ago when I was still a student in senior high school, I set the payment cycle to be quarterly. That was because web hosting was quite expensive back then so I could only afford to pay every three months. Yeah, I could easily asked my parents, but how to explain a web hosting to parents at that time when Internet was not as popular as now?

And that habit just kept on going for several years until now. And every time I noticed that the blog was down, I said to myself, “Hey, I’m going to extend it annually for sure.” But then every time I was going to pay, for unknown reason I thought, “Meh, it’s a hassle. Three months payment is okay actually, I just only need to remember it.”

Okay, next time I should set the payment to be annual. For sure.


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