Digital Personality from Digital Footprints

The human brain contains roughly 300 megabytes of information. Not much, when you get right down to it. The question isn’t how to store it. It’s how to access it.

You can’t download a personality. There’s no way to translate the data. But the information being held in our heads is available in other databases.

People leave more than footprints as they travel through life.

Medical scans, DNA profiles, psych evaluations, school records, e-mails, recording video audio, cat scans, genetic typing, synaptic records, security cameras, test results, shopping records, talent shows, ball games, traffic tickets, restaurant bills, phone records, music lists, movie tickets, tv shows. Even prescriptions for birth control.

Above is a quote from Caprica ( Although I don’t like much about this film, but the idea to make a digital personality from humans digital footprints is so ingenious.

Kinda wondering, when exactly this would happen in our reality.

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