Midnight Mumble

Tonight, I really couldn’t sleep although I think my body is so week that I couldn’t get up from bed. I tried to shut my eyes again and again until I realized that it’s a difficult thing to do. 🙁

Anyway, for the past few months, I often felt sick. I don’t know why. I still did exercises (though they were not hard ones). I reckoned it’s because of my room. Maybe it’s time for me to move out of this house. But I really like the room: the size, the location, the temperature, name it.

Next week will be the finals. I will be having exams for two lectures. They will be my last exams and the next thing will be freedom. I won’t be attending anymore lectures. I might have some plans to fill in the leisure times. I’m thinking of taking journey around Java island. Maybe hopping to Bali or Lombok. Just to spend money I’ve been saving up to this point.


Nope, I still haven’t really started my thesis. It’s just that I think I still have many things to do at my campus. I know that when I finish my thesis, all the focus will be into getting education abroad. In other words, it is most unlikely that I will spend next year in Bandung, let alone at ITB. It’s still a dilemma for me. But I guess I should save the trouble for next year. Just want to finish this year without any burden on my mind.


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