Graduation Day

Yesterday I attended my friends’ graduation day. ITB holds three graduation days in a year: October, April, and July. I graduated last October and yesterday was my friends’ turn. Since I still live in Bandung (and I still study there) and especially yesterday was a special day for my former classmates, I had to attend it. Many of my former classmates who had already graduated also came yesterday. That made the day so exciting.

There was one different thing from yesterday that made me so envious. I don’t know what to call it but it is a tradition for the all the student unions there to make a parade to welcome the graduates. At my time, it was banned because there were few cases of fights between student unions. But since ITB had new rector for few months now, the tradition was unbanned. Gladly, there was no fights or such yesterday.

Graduation days always make us feel mixed feelings. First of all, we are happy because after years we struggled, in the end we could finish it. But in the other hand, we are always sad to leave all of it especially at the moment we had to part with our friends. But people always say “Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened“. And I’m pretty sure of it.

I’m really happy for you, guys! Good luck on your next journey whatever path you may take!

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