Bad Conversation Skill

I have a really bad conversation skill. It just occurred to me and it’s not just in English but also in Bahasa Indonesia. At first it didn’t bother me a lot. But soon after I noticed that many people tend to ask me to repeat what I told them, I just realized that my conversation skill is becoming worse. It’s even worse than many years ago when I don’t like to talk at all.

Lucky for me, I kind of figured out what causes that. It seems that every time while I’m telling something, my brain is working at many things other including what I’m trying to explain. Maybe it’s right that men couldn’t multitask well enough. Due to many things I have to work on these days I couldn’t regain my focus at all time. Because of that I always ended up with forgetting things or contradicting things that I had stated before.

Imagine my mouth as an I/O device while my brain as a single core processor. The thing I’m explaining is one of numerous processes that requesting to be processed. When a process is brought to the processor, it loads its data then overwrites it on a memory. As another process is brought, the current process will save the current snapshot of the memory to be loaded next time. This activity is better known as “context switching“. Because my brain is working on so many things right now, the context switching will take longer that the process itself. That’s why you might often see me taking a long silent moment in a middle of conversation.

The context switching overhead is not quite a big deal. The disastrous thing is as the number of process grows and my brain tendency is to process everything in equal amount of time on very little time period of round, the data from previous process could have been overwritten earlier than it should have. That’s probably the time when I forget something that I’ve said. Another thing is when the I/O device is rushed to speak and the related process is still dormant, the device tends take out the data from the previous related address which occupied by wrong process.  And that might be the time when I state something unrelated or even worse, contradicted.

The explanation above is geeky enough so I will end this. For those who found my conversation skill lacking, I feel very very sorry. I didn’t mean to. It’s just that I’m still trying to figure out how to solve this problem. I really appreciate if you have some advices for me. I’m really hoping this situation will get better soon.

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  1. “Imagine my mouth as an I/O device while my brain as a single core processor . . . And that might be the time when I state something unrelated or even worse, contradicted.”

    Konsep yang sangat menarik 🙂

  2. haduh… tp kamu udah mantep berani bikin postingan dgn bahasa Inggris.
    lah kalo aku, brani pake bahasa Inggris cuma kalo lg mencak2 doang.
    btw, salam kenal ya. 😉

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