Just got this re-post comic from a friend’s plurk. Although this is a hilarious joke, the first two box are really something.

There is this kind of man that is very insensitive about gifts. A man that really want to give something but never have clue of what to give. If you ever watch The Big Bang Theory you might compare it with the scene where Sheldon Cooper bought many Christmas presents for Penny.

Yet I might never know this kind of man exists if I had never knew one example well. I know if you give hint about what you want for gift, the gift itself will lose its sentimental feeling. But you might want to know the fact that men are not mind-readers. And actually you might could not guess what they are capable of. I mean -especially for that man I know and I believe most of them are- just tell them what you want and they may cross the sea to get it for you.

Or why don’t you post a wishlist like I do. That could ease the effort.  At least the hardest things they could get are deciding between the choices and getting the gift  😀

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  1. temen gw pernah punya pendapat, kalo kasih kado ultah, bukan kasih apa yang diinginkan yang ulang tahun, tapi kasih sesuatu yang mencerminkan orang yang ngasih kado tsb. jadi yg ultah bisa dapat macem2 kado yang masing-masing mengingatkan dia ke yang ngasih 🙂

    1. nah kalo itu gimana yah. mungkin gak semua orang mikir kayak gw. tapi menurut gw, kalau ada orang yang ngasih sesuatu ke gw yang gw bener-bener desperate in need, gw bakal appreciate dia.
      ketimbang kita dikasih 1000 macam hadiah yang kita gak butuhin sementara kita lagi butuh sesuatu.

      memang kadang2 kalo dikasih sesuatu yang so sweet gitu gak nolak juga seh 😛

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