One of the big mistakes one could make before having a vacation is leaving unfinished work. But sometimes leaving the work itself is the purpose of having vacation. For me it was a good choice to go on vacation to Singapore few weeks ago since I was a little bit depressed about my works.

Unfortunately, going on vacation became a very bad choice after I arrive back in Bandung.  What I didn’t expect is the jobs are piling up. As I wrote on the last post, I spent the first academic week on vacation and there are several lecture that already gave assignments at the week. And I also have to start working on my master thesis.

I am not complaining much about it. But I kind of regret that I didn’t predict it. I mean, since my first year at campus this is the first time there are heavy assignments at the very first week. Who would have thought that, you know?

Thanks to the vacation, I become so busy lately. The assignments keep on coming every week. Besides that I have to work on some projects to earn money to live (well, asking money from parent will be my last effort 😛) All of them are getting on my nerves right now.

Or should I take a leave again? 😀

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  1. Holiday is a necessary thing. Holiday/vacation can be our new trigger to continue to work. Sometimes we can’t start back to work without being interupted by holiday. 🙂

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