Ouch, My Foot!

Just a quick update. Today I’m in Singapore. I’ve been here for two days but it was almost for no fun at all. Unfortunately, I just got my foot strapped with a bandage and I have to walk with crutch. I injured my foot just when I’m having a vacation. Yeah, it’s lame, isn’t it?

I sprained my foot before I went to Singapore. And as you may know, unlike Jakarta or Bandung (or all other cities in Indonesia) the transportation in Singapore requires us to walk intensively. Actually my foot was not that hurting when I arrived at Singapore. But soon after I walked along the Orchard Road (and it was always a very long road), my foot became worse. I had to struggle a lot to reach the MRT station and then my friend’s place.

Here’s a story. After I reach to my friend’s place, we went to his dorm at NTU. The next day I went to the medical center there. When I got to meet the doctor, she read my short bio and saw that I’m from ITB. And she said, “Oh, so you study at Institut Teknologi Bandung? You must be smart.”. I was pretty sure that was a compliment but I said, “Well, I actually applied here but they rejected me after the interview”

And then after we talked about my injury, she told me a bit about her journey to Bandung. She asked me whether I knew a kind of jelly food originated from Bandung that made from leaves. It’s not pandan. She said the leaves was round unlike Pandan leaves. Do anyone of you know?

Few hours later, I went back to her after getting an X-Ray at Jurong Point Medical Center. (Actually, I’m wondering why they don’t have X-Ray facilities there at NTU). Thank Lord, I didn’t break my leg. It was actually a sprain. She told me to get a bandage for my foot. And there at the Nurse Room before treating my foot a Malay nurse read my report, “Hit a staircase at Penang before depart to Singapore”. She changed her language from English to Melayu assuming I’m also a Malay.

She said in Malay, “Oh you are from Penang”.
“Nope, I’m an Indonesian”, I replied in English.
“But Penang is in Malaysia”, she was a little bit annoyed changing back to English.
“I was having a vacation at Penang before I went here. But I’m from Indonesia”
“Oh, I see. And it’s most likely you hurt your leg before you came here. Singapore is a very safe country, you know”

Yeah, no doubt for that. After all it’s the safest country among all countries I’ve ever traveled to.

In short words, I didn’t enjoy my vacation that much. But there is always next time, right?

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