Bad Day

Well, actually there is no bad day. A day is a day. There is neither good day nor bad day. A day is as good as how one thinks of and as bad as what one makes it.

A friend once told me a story

A shepherd was asked by his friend, “will it be rain or sunny?”

He answered, “I don’t know but one thing: I will love it”. His friend so curious, “If you don’t know what it will be, how do you know whether you will love it?”

And the shepherd simply replied, “I had learnt that I couldn’t change the weather but I could change my heart to like whatever I have been given”

Despite how boring your lecturer was lecturing this morning, how many appointments you had to cancel few days ago only for an appointment that suddenly canceled by your friend today, how wet your clothes got while walking to dental clinic in rain -forgetting your umbrella and having to catch up the appointment-, how many hours you had to waste waiting for your so-late dentist in wet clothes, how uninteresting newspaper you bought in the wait -because you thought it would be nice to wait reading newspaper-, how bad your lunch -because you unconsciously put to much chilly on it-, how hurt headache you got from walking in the rain, how buggy your code for this-week-due assignment; it’s you who decides whether this day a good day or a bad day.

It’s you the one who smiles before calling it a day.

And I really want to smile before this long night sleep….

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