It might be another lost for me

It might be another lost for me…..
Just like what had happened long time ago…..
And I’m really sure I’m seeing it coming right now….

I always felt that this time I could do better than the last time…
But it’s really hard to do…
The past kept haunting me from doing what I should have done…

I know and I believe it will be another lost for me.
Well, I am ready to face it. I am really ready…

There is no need to shed anymore effort if I really don’t wish to lose so many things again..
No need to loathe, to cry, to swear, or to regret.

It’s not that I give up on that.
I’m really thinking that now I’m saving the nice savour for the next chance I got…

Enough being pathetic!
It’s time stand up and keep moving!

There are so many challenges other than that in front of this road!
They are scattered around waiting for me to work on them.

There are so many people put their hope and trust in me!
And I will make more of them dissapointed if I keep staying like this.

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  1. yap…

    kalau sudah jatuh jangan lupa bangkit

    kita sering lupa, tapi seperti yang teman baik gw katakan, kita juga sering diingatkan, jadi bersyukur saja kita masih ingat…

    *anyway, lo ngelink apaan ke gw? kok tiba2 ada notifikasinya ya?*

  2. semangattt pet.. πŸ™‚

    I always felt that this time I could do better than the last timeÒ€¦

    nah, ini yg penting.. be better and better.. πŸ™‚
    suatu saat nanti pasti bisa deh.. πŸ˜€ hehe..

  3. @muthe:
    thanks ^_^

    tengkyu tengkyu

    @bu yani:
    entah ya bu,
    tapi kadang-kadang sering kali menghadapi masalah yang sama…. tapi akhirnya malah dihantui kesalahan yang dulu…. dan jadinya gak bisa berbuat apa-apa yang bisa menyelesaikannya….

  4. waduh2 bahasanya beraaatt…
    usir aja hantunya, hehe πŸ˜›

    don’t let yesterday’s failure ruin the beauty of today or tomorrow

    masih banyak hal indah di depan πŸ˜‰

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