To Code or Not To Code

Hamlet*, the Great Programming Prince of Denmark **, once said

To code, or not to code, that is the Question
Wheter ’tis Coder in his mind to suffer
The Classes and Objects of outragious Programs,
or to make Designs against a Sea of Requirements,
And by opposing end them : to die, to sleep
No more; and by a sleep, to say we end.

What might be the sole root of the wise words is the boredom of programming.

Along with Hamlet, The Great Programming Prince of Denmark, in the republic far far away in the middle of the equator, there lived an unworthy peasant *** who had the very deep feeling of the same root inside his heart. This feeling, in contrary of this humble peasant’s affection of the world of coding, had keep telling him to halt his workings. At the very beginning, this humble peasant had a very sorry feeling just from thinking of the halt of his workings, which had been comforting him through his very life. The two feelings then consciously fought each other in the narrow dark room inside this little peasant.

What hath thou in thy minde, little one?“, the gods might ask for the rumble inside his heart could cause a huge disturbance to peace of the heavens

‘Tis the boredom, O’Thy Mightiness“, said the peasant himself.

He had many things he had wanted to do yet nothing he wanted to. Either to code or to doc, neither would satisfy him. Making a paradox out of him, doing code would be boring him to death. Doing documentation would be torturing him no less. So he made out a resolution for the gods.

Grant Thou Thy Power unto Thine unworthy servant for this unworthiness hath none to release himself from the captivity of this boredom. Shall I die from this boredom, grant Thou Thy Kindness let me die in peace

“So doeth he die”, said the gods one to the other.

So does he die.


  • *) This character, indeed, is merely a fictional figure. No more, no less. All resemblances are considered as a fate, that one could neither avoid nor hope.
  • **) Not to be mixed by The Great Programming Queen of Informatics 2005 who shows Her Humbleness by granting this unworthy peasant Her Highness’ recognition as “si jago coding… :D”
  • ***) This character, indeed, is also a fictional figure. That might be some resemblances. But let they not to be pointing at someone.

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