Losing Fat and Bad Mood

Well, actually I’ve really never given a damn about this. I did have this one as my resolution this year. But I really never gave a damn until a session with internist makes me give damn thing about it. For the sake of longering my lifespan and fixing my figure (which i really don’t give damn thing about), apparently I have the need to lose my fat

That’s why when I was still in the hospital, the nurses took the initiative to arrange a session with a dietitian.
And he did give me a list what I should eat and what I shouldn’t. In addition, how much I have to eat.

I still don’t get used to this daily menu he gave me. Please forgive me if I encounter one of you with a very bad mood. Hopefully I will get used to it

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  1. Pet,, mo tau dong gimana menu diet lo… gw juga mo nurunin berat badan nih! ehehe.. diet rame2 aja pet,biar ada yg ngingetin,,,
    anak2 IF 2005 aja banyak kok yg nimbun lemak-lemak tak bertuan itu.. (halo Joel! halo Alsa –>kalo Alsa lemaknya kalah sama pigmen item, huahaha)

    *buat Alsa dan Joel : ampun, becandaaa.. 😀 *

    cepet sembuh pet! hindari gorengan ama gula aja, gw jamin cepet turunnya..

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