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Udah basi keknya kalo gw cerita sekarang…..

Mending tak kasih link aja lah ya :mrgreen:

*males nulis sih sebenernya :D*

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  1. wooo…dasar males nulis 😛
    jadi ndak bisa mbaca pikiran subyektifnya. enaknya blogwalking kan gitu. bisa tau subyektivitas isi kepala tiap-tiap orang, hohohoho

  2. I once booked flthgis for me and two girlfriends and put all our surnames in the first name box and all our first names in the surname box. I then had to pay a360 at the airport to have it all corrected. I paid up quietly and didn’t admit to my friends how stupid I’d been. I also once decided to stay up all night before a long flight to help me sleep on the plane, but ended up wedged into a seat between a rather large passenger who kept sneezing and a crying toddler. As a result, I went about 30 hours without any kip and ended up dozing off on a bench in arrivals while waiting for my luggage.

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