New Rubber, New Passion

Today I just bought myself two brand new rubbers. No, of course they’re not that kind of rubbers ^_^ It’s the rubber used for table tennis racket 😛
Actually they’re not brand new models. If I’m not mistaken both of them were launched early months of 2006.
The first one is Dewei Super Power 2008. It’s red and 2.2mm thick.
Dewei Super Power 2008
(quoted from back cover)

Super Power 2008 is a high speed and outstanding control. Furthermore, it gives you a greater feeling for the ball. This excellent feeling for the ball not only at the faster speed but also at the better control.
As both the rubber surface and the sponge are flexible and high resilient, they catch and absorb the oncoming ball and catapult it back with your own speed and spin. This process is very stable and produces extra control as well.
Super Power 2008 is special for technical players

The black one is LKT Pro XP which is also 2.2mm
(quoted from back cover)

Pro XP is a great choice for players who want the ability to perform effectively off the table. This is different from classic Chinese rubber. The top sheet is supple and very thin. Pro XP has an extremely elastic under pip structure that will allow the rubber ample time to load spin prior to release.

With both 2.2mm rubbers, my racket is totally thick and a little bit heavy compared to other racket with different rubbers. Well, all my old rackets were also thick. There shouldn’t be any trouble to adaptate.

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