Next Destination : Medan

Tomorrow I’m going back to Jakarta and then flying to Medan. This might be the third time I will be at my parent’s hometown. As I recalled, they always persuaded me to go there, but I also always had reasons to refuse. Back there, I didn’t have this hobby to travel around the country. But now I have, and I always search for a reason to go away from where I live. I always wanted to visit Medan but don’t have a strong reason for myself to go there. Medan is a little bit further than other place I’ve visited. I preferred going around West Java to going out from this island.

Actually, at the beginning of this semester, I did plan to visit Medan just for sightseeing. At first I planned to go after this academic year ends. And at the middle of this semester, I got another reason to go there. One of my lecturers, Ms. Risnawaty (soon will be Mrs.), told me that she’s planning her marriage to take place there sometime around July and I promised her to go there. Well, that’s really nice. But then, before the end of this semester, she published an online invitation announced that it’ll be at 27th January. Then I tried to call my father to ask for permission and transportation there. At first, I expected that he would refuse. Surprisingly, he didn’t and in advance he bought the ticket the day after.

Okay then. It’s settled. I’m heading to Medan. The only thing I’m thinking now is I really didn’t want to leave my current activity here being assistant at pelatnas TOKI 2007. Tomorrow will be my last time to meet them. Yah, good bye all of you! I’ll be missing you all!

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  1. petraaaaaaaaaaa

    petra 1 taon ini br pindah k pakuwon yah?? bagus tuh tempatnya hohoho, sebrangnya ptc perziz…

    petraaaaaaaaaaa lapa pergiiiiiiiiiii???????????!!!!!!!!!!!

    tar kan sepiiiiiiiiiii………..

    krupuk udangnya tar g ada yg makaaaaaaaaaaan….

    cepet balek yah?!?!?!?!?!?

    tar kangen looooooooooooh (XP)

  2. cm mo bilang ati2 aja deh =D

    hr ini trakir ktemu yah?? it was fun knowing u… kapan2 ktemu lagi deh. XD

    take care.. tha…

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