This Semester’s Results

My results for this semester are dropping drastically. No suprise, though I didn’t expect it to drop so far, but still no suprise. The largest contribution for this dropping was my health. Well, it’s my back. It was so hard for me to wake up from bed in the morning or even sit on wooden chair. I feel deep pain every time I sit down and get up from chair, that’s why I spent most of time on my bed. This occured every morning. And hell there was a lecture that scheduled every morning (Algorithm and Data Structure). I did confess to the lecturer about my absences due to my health and she acknowledged it very much 😛 😛 . I need to burn my fats, she said. Yah, better next time lah ya! (Actually, my last semester’s result was a plain luck 😀 😀 😀 here comes the true one)

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