Motherboard Rusak

Gosh, my computer broke down again…. What a heck!

I thought it was the power supply unit. So I went to BEC carrying my desktop. Why do I carry my desktop if it was the power supply? Umm… I don’t know what was the reason. (Maybe I was quite panic 😛 😛 :P)

Fortunately it was not the power supply, so it was not a waste carrying the desktop. Oh my God!!! My motherboard burned down. Hmmppfff, why it has to be during this busy time!!!! Hell, they need more than a week to repair it (do I have to spend more money to buy new one?)..

And here I am, spending a week without my desktop….

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  1. nah itu dia….

    kemaren mo nya kayak gitu… tapi ternyata mesti ganti VGA juga….
    gw pakenya ECS nForce 3… kalo mo gak terlalu rugi kemaren mo upgret nForce 4…. tapi ya itu… VGAnya…. katanya gak bisa…. (gw lupa itu AGP ato kagak 😛 😛 😛 , buta hardware 😀 😀 )
    alamak…. ntar deh taon depan baru ganti semuanya….

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