IF2182 Assignment

Today was the first meeting for the assignment (baca : TUBES). I didn’t know it was until my friend calls me. (I was planning to skip the lecture this morning. I was in a hell bad shape). Then I came to the class, and hear Mrs. Inge inside. Gosh, that’d be really bad if I’ve came in 😛 😛 So, I waited outside. Not long after, she came out and see me sitting. Next is the dialogue in Bahasa Indonesia

“Sedang apa kamu di luar?”
“Saya telat, Bu”
“Jadi kalau telat kamu tidak kerja? Tanya asisten apa kamu boleh masuk atau nggak.”

(Well, that’s was a hell of shock. She rarely let anyone in after she start the lecture. I was so confused whether it was a good luck or a bad luck)

Anyway, we were asked to make modifications from the first version. The modifications are :

  1. Change the matrix representation into sparse matrix using linked list
    This shouldn’t be difficult enough, though, if and only if, the module codes are reusable and independent enough.
  2. Implement MS Excel’s IF function with nested feature
    Well, this is a bit hard, but spinning around the brain should do it.
  3. Implement MS Excel’s Pivot function that convert into new spreadsheet
    Okay, I still don’t get what pivot function works like. (Though, this function is my part in the team).
  4. Implement sort function.
    The default is single column sort, multiple columns feature would be bonus. Implement the best sort mechanism due to the data structure. Hmm.. copy the list into array, sort it, then copy it back… (just kidding 😀 😀 😀 )
  5. Add save/open file feature
    A little bit easy, we had it already in the first version.
  6. Add date data type for the variant.
    A new ADT, likely.

(That’s not all, I forgot what else)
Well, those are a lot of hard works to do. Fight! Fight!
(Ah, the deadline seems to be within the semester exam. Better not to keep worked too hard so that we could be in good shape for the exam)

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