Casino Royale

Casino RoyaleAfter a long busy time, finally I had a chance to watch movies. This time a friend ask me to go out check a new venue, Paris van Java Mall at Sukajadi. The place was quite nice for me and neatly arranged. For this time, we watch Casino Royale at Blitz Megaplex. I’d really like the place. This might be the best cinema in Bandung (I haven’t checked the XXI though 😛 😛 😛 That might be the best, if it was like the one in Kelapa Gading). Although the loby was good, the room was not very good. The chair was so small for me, the room was small, and the accoustic was bad. Maybe it was our bad luck to get the chair at the side of the room, but hell, the speaker was too loud for me.
I don’t like to spoil the plot. This story was about Bond’s first assignment after he got 00 series and the set occurs during this time. (The ending plot was a little bit like Samurai X Reminiscense 😛 😛 )The movie was rather too long (2,5 hours if I’m correct) but due to the nice story, I feel that’s okay. The movie was not like the other 007 movies. There was almost no technology things like few movies before. But you know, there’s still expensive cars and hot chicks 😀 😀 😀
Anyway, the movie is a must-to-see. Next time I’ll buy the DVD.
(gak penting postnya :P)

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