Holiday Report

Finally, the last day of the holiday. It was 2 week long but I felt like it was like a month day. I am not sure whether it was nice holiday or boring hell. But for sure, I’ve gained many nice things spending the holiday.

I spent most of the holiday by watching anime. Well, that was quite amusing. The anime titles I watched :

  1. Full Metal Panic!
  2. Full Metal Panic! Fumoffu?
  3. Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid
  4. Blood+
  5. Ouran High School Host Club
  6. Zero no Tsukaima

I even broke my personal record by watching 45 episodes non-stop in a day. (The next day, I suffered from headache, bad vision, and hearing disorder). The only thing I regret from it is just I didn’t have so many stocks from the early days. (Oh dear, why did I finish all of them in just few days…..)

Thanks to the anime titles, I found many good easy-listening songs with nice lyrics :

  1. Shimokawa Mikuni – Mou Ichido Kimi Ni Aitai (もう一度君に会いたい, I Want To See You Again) (taken from FMP!TSR)
  2. Shimokawa Mikuni – Sore Ga, Ai Deshou? (それが、愛でしょう, Isn’t That Love?)
  3. Shimokawa Mikuni – Kimi Ni Fuku Kaze (君に吹く風, The wind that blows to you)
  4. Kawabe Chieco – Sakura Kissu (サクラクース) (taken from Ouran High School Host Club)

Okay, the next activity I spent my time on was programming exploration (oh, please…..). I didn’t spent so much time back then for it became more and more boring. I did learn a bit about DirectX Managed Code in C# and Visual Basic .NET (see the reason why I called it so boring?). The exploration was ended after I successfully made a mesh in few minutes using it. The reason I explored it was that my project team (for Human Computer Interaction lecture) wanted to make 3D Campus Map Navigation Software. Realizing the difficulties to make even a simple mesh, I concluded that the project wasn’t feasible enough to run. 😀 😀 😀 (what the hell, we were assigned just to design the interface). I also explored Java 2 Micro Edition, but it was more boring than the previous one. Enough is enough; there should be no more coding activity during holiday.

Holiday is not complete without playing game. Is there another time to spend whole day playing game 😀 😀 :D? During the holiday, I mostly played Caesar IV, MVP Baseball, and Counter Strike. Counter Strike for me is rather nostalgic, but I’d love to play it. I played like it was a hell of training ground. The bots seemed to become very unskillful after 3 days intensive games (and then it became so boring again).

Last thing. During the last days of the holiday I came out with some kind of reflections about why everything in this world has to end and whether it is good or not being an immortal. It’s not about why the holiday has to end, honestly (even though I haven’t prepared myself for a test (since I had planned to do it at the start)) I don’t know how something like that could come into my brain. It might be due to my headache from watching anime. 😀 😀 😀 Rather than spending holiday cheerfully, I spent it feeling so melancholic in a corner of my heart.

Gosh, what a holiday. Hope it will end soon. Yet it will turn to boring daily routine but it is surely a nice thing to do.

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