My Little SpreadSheet Released!

My Little SpreadSheet has been released today. Nothing much can be told about the project itself. (Downloadable source version : [here])
After this there should be no more hard, tiring, and sleepless work (until the next assignment, of course :P).

This program was built for lecture purpose (IF2182). We write the code in C and on Linux environment. That was a hell tiring working on it. But we managed to finished it, though. (Unfortunately the project hardcopy report was 3 minutes late on delivery) 😛
Some conclusions I (unordered) made from this project

  • Plan and do your work in very a strict schedule
  • Do it on Linux from the first, if you were requested for Linux apps.
  • Design the algorithm well
  • Know your job
  • Know your friends’ job
  • Never ever make the skin first before make the meat 😛
  • Don’t be selfish (please forgive me for that 😀 :D)
  • Think first, type next, and sleep in the end
  • Always write the modules’ version changes.
  • Don’t forget individual logs
  • If you don’t understand, ask!
  • Avoid working with a song repeated for an hour or more
  • Be arrogant for your job to the environment more competitive
  • Work hard at the start is very much better than in the end
  • Make specification, not assumption (quoted from Mrs. Inge)!
  • (In Indonesia, dikutip dari Bu Inge) Ingat : Tidak ada yang namanya notulensi, anak-anak, yang benar adalah notulen! (notula for singular noun (CMIIW))

That’s all (I think)! And now, it’s vacation time!

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