The First Lesson on Developer Team

This is my first lesson working on a developer team. After all of this time working on assignments alone, finally I caught up doing one with bunch of guys (no girls :P). Before continuing, let me introduce all of my friends. They are Vandy (13505001), Hadyan (13505005), Ghifar (13505023), Amir (13505041), Hanson (13505045), and me. We (and the whole class) were assigned by Mrs. Inge (Inggriani Liem, our lecturer) to work on project: MySpreadSheet. Okay, it is our lecture (IF2182: Algorithm and Data Structure) assignment, but we are going to pretend like if it’s really a project. I was very excited the time she announced it the way like a client who wanted to search for a developer group working on her project (Does she do it like that every year?).

Next thing would be a simple description about MySpreadSheet. MySpreadSheet is a text-based spreadsheet application written in C language. The application should be implemented with few abstract data types: matrix, word, and stack. The functions should be driven by users’ command line. The minimum functions required are read files, write files, arithmetic functions, and strings functions. Extra functions and features would be bonus.

My role on the project? Every person should participate coding the modules. But I was also positioned as the person who organizes the modules and decide the job description. (What should I be called at the real dev. group, anyway?)

Mrs. Inge had promised a prize for those who have the best application. The most prospective group would be the group named “Software House Tukang Mojok” “SoftwareHouseXXGangPojokBelakang” (Thanks to Arief) which consists of Dimas (13505002), Alpha (13505026), Andrew, Danang (13505090), Diaz (13505102), and Arief (13505126). Most of them were experienced in programming. (Actually, we were freed to choose our team member) Oh, I forgot, my group was named “Ultra Deadlinerz!’ 😀 😀 and we should win the prize! (Amen!)

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  1. Im correcting some part
    Our Team Name is “SoftwareHouseXXGangPojokBelakang” (Remember what our lecturer said earlier? :D)
    I also wanna correct some part. it is “Most of them were experienced in programming”
    I’m still newbie there >. baca ala benteng takeshi :P)

    btw grupmu isinya jago2 smua >..

  2. @amudi : saya percaya sepenuhnya kepada mereka, kok….. 😛 😛 jago2 semua kok 😀 😀 😀

    @arief : jadi nantang grup kita, siapa yang bakal bikin aplikasi terbaik? 😀 😀 😀

  3. Berdasarkan pengalaman tahun lalu, tim yang berisi orang-orang *yang dianggap* berkemampuan di atas rata-rata, biasanya malah santai-santai …. soalnya satu sama lain saling percaya 😀 … walaupun hasilnya *bisa dibilang* bagus, tetep aja kurang maksimal 🙂 … qta liat aja hasilnya sekarang 😉

  4. HAhahahha…
    1 hero… sisa kroco…
    ga deng… 1 kroco sisa hero gimana??/
    (inget hero tuh turun tangan setelah kroco ga bisa… kalo kroconya jago, hero ga turun)

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