Pasar Seni ITB 2006

This four-year five-year annual event was really fascinating. I’m not writing about the music performances, besides they all were boring. For me who likes visual arts, the art products showed there were so much enjoyable (Even though it makes me so tired walking around the campus). I felt so jealous for the artists had too many ideas making those products. Should I take a lecture in the Art and Design Faculty next semester? Anyway, I’d rather view the art products at museum or art gallery than at that festival. Honestly, it was too noisy for me to enjoy them. But overall, the festival was very good! Congrats!

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  1. Sebagai orang yang udah mengalami 3 kali pasar seni, kesannya tetap sama. Pasar seni = banyak banget orang, cuaca selalu panas (ada pawang hujannya kali ya), dan..ya…jualannya rada2 dimahalin. Tapi emang barangnya lucu-lucu dan unik.

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