DirectX SDK

Some of my friends were talking about it just when I signed into a chat room. And they suggested me to explore it since I wanted so much to be a game programmer after graduating. They gave me the link and what did I see? Half gigs thing to download…. No thanks…. (There will be 2007 release when I finished downloading it :pingsan: :pingsan: -just joking 😀 😀 – )
But I recently got a link from ITB server (DirectX SDK August 2006). It took only ten minutes to download. Now I just ask my friends to teach me how to use it (even though there is complete documentation packaged with the SDK). Know what? I have many developing tools, but I could use none of them. (what a pathetic guy…. *sigh* *sigh* *sigh* )

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  1. wow, mau belajar dx? bagus2…
    kalo mau gampang pake yang managed aja, enak, ngga pake memory leak dan pointer2an.
    kalo engga, pake c++, berarti lebih bagus lagi 😛
    btw, game programming isn’t always about graphic. text-based game dulu lah.. 😀

  2. wah 😀
    kalo mau enak belajar Dx SDK mending pake c++
    sekalian aja kalo mo tambah wawasan cobain juga Open GLnya

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