Independent. That’s it what we celebrate this day. Independence Day of Indonesia.

But I really want to write a short description about independent of myself. I realize that the term independent is different from a person to another. Because of that, the term independent is really not independent, because the term itself depends on how people define it. One says being independent is doing what you like for no one could ever do opposing it. Respectively, it’s true. If someone says that it’s wrong then he/she would trespass the independency of the person who say that and that couldn’t be called as being independent itself by that person. That would do the same to the person who says it’s wrong if he/she has the exact definition of the term. 😀 😀 😀

We couldn’t separate independent with freedom. (Of course, they are synonym, right?). A friend of mine said that freedom is not about a barrier. People usually say that freedom is how to be outside a barrier. But, sometimes freedom itself needs a barrier. We will not have a freedom without barrier in our entire life. And we couldn’t be called free if we were controlled by our freedom. In other words, we could say we are free when we are free to control our freedom. That’s really a wisely defined freedom.

Okay, about myself. My independency? I’d rather choose a little different definition of freedom. (I’m free, aren’t I? :mrgreen: :mrgreen: ). For my entire life, I always face what people called things that barricade freedom. Sometimes I see people always look upon the wall in front of their face without knowing how large the space that they’ve been given. Therefore, I always say to myself that I shouldn’t be angry to things which or people who barricade me from things I want to do. I shouldn’t be blaming them in the future (Well for some people it’s hard to do what you want to do without trespass other’s rights). Because as long as I could find my way to the other room either it outside or inside the barrier and then actualize myself with how big the room I’ve found, I could gratefully declare myself as independent.


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