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The Quiz
1. Do the following
2. Choose 5 persons to do this

Favourite Colour: blue
Favourite Food: mie/noodle (mie rebus, mie bakso, mie instan, dsb)
Favourite Song: Nothin gonna change my love
Favourite Movie: A Walk to Remember
Favourite Sport: table tennis
Favourite Day of the Week: saturday (pingpong day!)
Favourite Ice Cream: sundae

Current Mood: so-so
Current Taste: ?
Current Clothes: polo shirt
Current Desktop: Windows XP default 😀 😀
Current Toenail Colour: none
Current Time: 8 :36 pm
Current Annoyance: headache
Current Thoughts: oh, God, when will i finish this program!

First Best Friend: Aldi, a friend in elementary (don’t know how he is now)
First Crush: umm…. can’t tell 😛
First Movie: jurassic park
First Lie: forget >. <
First Music: love songs (my dad’s casette)

Last Cigarette: none
Last Drink: mineral water
Last Car Ride: two month ago (hope so)
Last Crush: secret!
Last Phone Call: dad
Last CD played: M2M – Shades of Purple :p

Have you ever
Have you ever dated one of your best friends: nope
Have you ever broken the law: yeah! stealing a glitter in Taipei City 😀 😀 (sorry!)
Have you ever been arrested: no
Have you ever skinny dipped: no
Have you ever kissed someone you don’t know: oh please…..

well, anyone who like to do it. please… 😀

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