Petra’s Game Collection

Petra’s Game Collection is my project to spend the whole two and a half months holiday. This game was inspired by OCC Linux Games Project, a web chess game that written for Linux users to play or host online chess games (but actually current version doesn’t support time challenge. Play Yahoo! Games instead). I write this game using PHP with MySQL database. I’m also using Smarty class for the template (a friend suggested that, but now I’m really loving it :mrgreen:!)

At first I want to make a web chess game portal. But in the road of making it, I found a nice idea to make it more fun with more games than chess. And then I change it into a portal with games as modules that can be installed and uninstalled so that we can code it easily without even without the portal. So I add one more game, Go game, which I’m really familiar with the basics and the rules of the games.

The games was planned written using AJAX, but that’ll have to wait. I don’t have any idea how to start it because I haven’t explore it (Oh, c’mon! It’s 3rd year’s stuffs 😛 😛 😛). I think plain javascript is enough for the interactivity and I want to make it as simple as I could so that it would be so easy to modify it later.

This game is still a quarter done, yet there’s still plenty of time for my holiday. Hopefully it would be done myself before this year’s Christmas.

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