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It was so long since I read a thick fiction book of my friend, The Bourne Supremacy. And I just finished reading a book which size is not less than my Physics book :P. Eldest, Inheritance Book 2, is really something. I really wanted to read it since I finished the first book of the Inheritance Trilogy. But last week is only the time I had to borrow it. Since I will spend my whole vacation in my room, it would be quite amusing reading a book.

The story starts after the attack of Knull of Varden in their base, Farthen Dûr. Eragon suffers a big wound from the attack he got in his battle with Durza where he won. So many conflicts happened worrying his mind whether he should continue his pending lesson with Brom (since he was killed in the first book) by the request of Togira Ikonoka, an elf who contacted him right after he killed Durza. Meanwhile Roran, his cousin, face a dilemma caused by Eragon, which brought his village’s, Carvahall, fate into his hand and struggle to help the village into the freedom. In addition, there is also Nasuada who continues her father’s, Ajihad, effort to fight againts Galbatorix.

This book for me offers more epic story and fantastic description than the first one. It was written very detailed. It described very well about the atmosphere in each set. Though in my opinion, it really resembles Harry Potter in the way of the description. It built the characters in a very strong and consistent way. It also developed the plot in the way that we couldn’t easily be bored.

One thing I really like about the book is the details described and explained on the book. The author, Christopher Paolini, describes what magic really is that something we could think logically (not like the one in Harry Potter and The Lord of The Ring). He really synchronizes it with what we have learnt at physics and other subjects. What we see something impossible about magic in the first book become so logical the way he explain how it goes and acts. When I finished reading it, I feel that I really could do magic as it was told :D.

In other hand, I think he brought too many aspects of life in his books: sociology, history, geography, romance, natural science, and religion. I don’t know to say if it’s either good or bad. I believe for many people, reading a story like that should be quite tiring and boring since we are told about geographical Alagesia, history of Elves and Riders, science of magic, and religion of Dwarves. But, I think in the final book there should be less of that for there are too many things being told in the second book. Hopefully it would filled by light and amusing topics such as adventure, friendship, and love story.

Sé onr sverdar sitja hvass!
May your swords stay sharp!

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  1. I took a LONG time to read Eldest, but i just loved it. if only the third book would come to japan really soon… 🙁 🙁 i drew about 10 pictures of Eragon and saphira. i even started a drawing book of dragons! i just love the inheritance trilogy. i cant wait to read about galbatorix’s defeat!

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